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Islam's War on Western Culture: BBC Cancels Israel Philharmonic Performance in London Because of Muslim Madness; Muslim Disrupts concert for Queen

Islamic degradation of civil societies. What was once beautiful and precious is now the battleground for subhumans and savages. In a disgusting display of Islamic Jew-hatred, the BBC was forced to cancel its broadcast of the BBC proms concert at London's Royal Albert Hall for the first time in history. Philistines for Palestine: thuggish demonstrators interrupt Israel Philharmonic performance in London Jihad Watch.

"Protests disrupt Proms concert by Israel Philharmonic," from BBC News, September 1:
Protesters have disrupted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's BBC Proms concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Several demonstrators in the hall shouted as Zubin Mehta stood to conduct Bruch's violin concerto. Many other audience members booed in response. BBC Radio 3 said it had to interrupt its live broadcast twice "as a result of sustained audience disturbance".
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign had earlier called on people to boycott the concert and urged the BBC to cancel it. In a statement published on its website ahead of the Proms, the pro-Palestinian group claimed the IPO showed "complicity in whitewashing Israel's persistent violations of international law and human rights". The BBC Proms Team tweeted: "We're sorry that the concert was taken off air following hall disturbance. Glad both pieces were heard by the audience in the RAH."

This is not new -- so many performances by Jewish artists and musicians are disrupted and ruined by these savage neanderthals who would have the whole world living under the bloody and brutal sharia, devoid of love, music, art and happiness.

In a continuation of Islam's war on the West and Western culture, today in the Netherlands, a Muslim disrupts concert for Queen to preach Islam.

Netherlands: Muslim disrupts concert for Queen to preach Islam Jihad Watch

Tonight a man was arrested at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. There was a classical concert scheduled in the Great Hall, where Queen Beatrix sat on the first row. Concertgebouw director Simon Reinink confirmed this to ShowNieuws.
This man, neatly dressed in a suit, entered the stage and began a speech about Islam. He called himself the servant of God and invited the public to believe. One person who was present wrote on Twitter: "He said: 'There is no bomb ... I'm sorry.'"
When the guards discovered that he was not a speaker on the program, they took him off the stage and brought him over to police. According Reinink, the man did not threaten the queen. Therefore she remained quietly in her seat.

Atlas Shrugs

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100 Cops Needed to Subdue Muslims @ Playland Park; 2 Cops Injured by “Religion of Peace”

Dena Meawad: Selfish Muslima Caused Post-Ramadan Violence that Needed 100 Cops to Quell, 2 Cops Injured

Recently, I told you about an Iraq war vet who lost both his legs and survived the war, only to die after falling out of a roller coaster at an upstate New York amusement park. (It’s the reason why most amusement parks don’t let double-leg amputees ride roller coasters and other rides.) And in the last 24 hours, many readers have sent me links to articles about Muslims complaining that they were asked to leave another New York amusement park after they engaged in violence, caused a disturbance, and injured two cops (hey, that’s why they’re called the “Religion of Peace,” right?), after being told they could not go on rides because they violated the amusement park’s policies against headgear.

But amusement parks have these rules in place for a reason: safety. The amusement park warned the Muslims far ahead of the planned end of Ramadan event that they could not wear headscarves (hijabs) on the rides. The scarves could become a projectile, or they could get sucked into a ride and choke the wearer to death (which I call, “appropriate Darwinism”). But like many Muslims across America, the Muslims at Playland, in Rye, New York, believe the rules don’t apply to them, just everybody else. They don’t want equal treatment, or they’d have abided by the rule against the scarves. They want special treatment. Playland stood their ground, 100 cops were taken away from real law enforcement to quell these violent Muslims, and two of the cops were injured. It figures that this “event” was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Muslims from a group, out of which HAMAS, Arafat, Al-Qaeda, and Fatah/PLO arose, attacked cops and injured them, as well as shutting down a business.

Remember, this is how Muslims in America celebrate the end of Ramadan–by attacking and injuring cops, costing the business thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and ending everyone else’s day at an amusement park. Expect more and more of this as the number of Muslims in America grows. They are always right and the cops and everyone else are always wrong.

How long until Playland is forced to settle a costly CAIR Action Network lawsuit or is driven out of business? 3-2-1 . . .

Rye Playland was shut down Tuesday after cops scuffled with Muslims upset that women wearing head scarves were barred from the rides, witnesses said.
Fifteen people, including three women, were charged with disorderly conduct and assault in the chaos, authorities said.
The Westchester County park was packed with Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr – the holiday marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.
One woman, Entisai Ali, began arguing with cops over the amusement park’s head scarf, or hijab, rule, said Dena Meawad, 18, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
The ban, which is not Muslim specific, was imposed about 3 years ago mostly to prevent hats from falling onto the tracks of roller coasters and other rides, park officials said.
The cops started getting loud with her and she started getting loud, too. They pushed her on the ground and arrested her,” Meawad said.
Her cousin, Kareem Meawad, 17, went to try to protect the woman and was beaten by cops and also arrested, she added. Her brother, Issam Meawad, 20, was pushed to the ground and taken into custody when he tried to help his cousin, she said.
She just wanted to get on a ride. That was it,” Dena Meawad said of the initial confrontation. “It’s clear, this all happened because we’re Muslim.”

Uh, yeah, you disrupted the park because you’re Muslim. You wanted the rules not to apply to you because you’re Muslim. You injured two cops and forced 98 other cops to leave serious crimes because you’re Muslim. You cost a business tens of thousands of dollars because you’re Muslim. Nobody else demanded special rules and special treatment, and nobody else disrupted a day for fun and family at an amusement park in the last days of August. Most other Americans don’t attack police, which is why 15 Muslims who didn’t listen to police and attacked them, instead, got arrested.

John Hodges, chief inspector of Westchester County Public Safety, insisted that police did not use excessive force.
He said up to 100 cops from surrounding departments converged on the park.

Again, that’s 100 cops who got taken away from stopping serious crimes against real victims so they could quell loud, violent Muslims at an amusement park. And this shows we are not prepared. Imagine the day when all Muslims across America decide to engage in a day of violent uprisings. How many cops will that take to quell? And how many cops will they maim and injure, then? We are in for a rude awakening when that day comes. And it’s not to far away. This is just a preview.

Two park rangers were injured in the melee, prompting felony assault charges against two people arrested, officials said.
The ugly incident happened just after 1 p.m. The event was organized by the Muslim American Society of New York, and attracted 3,000 Muslims from Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Westchester County.

Yup, the Muslim American Society, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which also gave birth to Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, etc.

Ali’s sister, Ayman Alrabah, 24, of Brooklyn said her husband, brother and father were all tackled by cops and put into handcuffs when they tried to help her sister.

Trying to help” means they assaulted police who were cuffing her. That ain’t “helping.” Sorry.

Alrabah said her 4-year-old son was “traumatized” by seeing his father arrested.
They treated us like animals, like we were nothing,” Alrabah said. “They came with their dogs and sticks. We came to have fun.”

Um, you taught your son that it’s okay to attack police, break the rules, and injure people. That’s the real trauma here. You act like animals, you get treated like them.

The park was closed for about two hours because of the fracas. It reopened at about 6 p.m.
Peter Tartaglia, deputy commissioner of Westchester County Parks, said the Muslim American Society of New York was warned in advance of the rule barring head scarves on rides for safety reasons.
Part of our rules and regulations, which we painstakingly told them over and over again, is that certain rides you cannot wear any sort of headgear,” Tartaglia said. “It’s a safety issue for us on rides, it could become a projectile.”
Many Muslims were given refunds as they left the park disappointed.

Not only would I not have given them a refund, I’d have sued them and the Muslim American Society for disrupting my business and making me lose money. Playland needs to go on the offensive against these militants and problem-causers, or it will find itself the victim in court. I hope the injured police officers sue these people and the MAS.

Reader Mary grew up near Playland and believes this was probably a set-up for a lawsuit from the beginning. I think she’s spot on:

How much do you want to wager the group that organized the “event” had lawyers & video cameras with them (in preparation for a planned lawsuit)?
Those Playland police do NOT play around. When I was 18, I got a serious talking to by them for speeding down the entry way (the limit was 35 I was going 45. And they were so serious, I actually thought I was going to be arrested.
They were right then and they are right now. Excuse the heck out of the parks administration for not wanting the liablility risk of headscarves. I’m pretty sure an Isadora Duncan-esque decapitation on the Dragoncoaster would be frowned upon.

Attention, American Muslims. They are called, “amusement parks,” not “AMUSLIMent parks,” for a reason. Live by the rules like everyone else or go to a county where your right to wear a veil of oppression is treasured (and you are beaten by hubby and wife #4). If you don’t like the rules, don’t plan your post-Ramadan pig-out fest there.

By Debbie Schlussel

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anjem Choudary: Muslims are Rising up Across the World, Islam Will Dominate!

Just like Muslims in America, Muslims across the West are rising up and calling for Sharia Law whether we like it or not. The following video featuring IslamoPUNK Anjem Choudary shows us another example of the growing Sharia campaign.

For the most part Muslims are slowly taking over within the law. They have mastered how to use our freedoms against us to further the cause of Islam, and if the rules do not change it is just a matter of time until we lose this war. The first step to our victory is to stop respecting Islam as a religion, and alert non-Muslims that it is a complete way of life which calls for the dominance over non-Muslims. We have to warn our fellow non-Muslims that Islam is a bigger threat to our way of life than Nazism was. For the sake of our future generations, we have no choice but to fight! All within the law of course.

Source: Logan's Warning

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over 13,200 killed by terrorists in 11,500 attacks: State Department

August 24th, 2011

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of State released its annual, U.S. Congress-mandated Country Reports on Terrorism 2010, an assessment of incidents and trends in international terrorism that occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2010.

The statistics revealed that more than 11,500 terrorist attacks occurred in 72 nations during 2010, and there were more than 13,200 deaths attributed to terrorist attacks.

Besides filling a Congressional requirement, this analysis is aimed at enhancing Americans' understanding of the international terrorist threat.

The report focuses on policy-related assessments, country-by-country breakdowns of foreign government counterterrorism cooperation, and contains information on WMD terrorism, State Sponsors of Terrorism, Terrorist Safe Havens, and Foreign Terrorist Organizations.The report also includes a statistical annex prepared by the National Counterterrorism Center.

Although the number of attacks rose by almost 5 percent from the previous year, the number of deaths declined for a third consecutive year, dropping 12 percent from 2009. For the second consecutive year, the largest number of reported attacks occurred in South Asia and the Near East, with more than 75 percent of the world’s attacks and deaths occurring in these regions.

According to the State Department analysts, Al-Qaeda (AQ) remained the preeminent terrorist threat to the United States in 2010. Though the AQ core in Pakistan has become weaker, it retained the capability to conduct regional and transnational attacks. Cooperation between AQ and Afghanistan- and Pakistan-based militants was critical to the threat the group posed.

In addition, the danger posed by Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT) and increased resource-sharing between AQ and its Pakistan-based allies and associates such as Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Haqqani Network meant the threat in South Asia remained high.

In addition, the affiliates have grown stronger. While AQ senior leadership continued to call for strikes on the U.S. homeland and to arrange plots targeted at Europe, the diversity of these efforts demonstrated the fusion of interests and the sharing of capabilities among AQ groups with different geographical focuses, the analysts found.

U.S. law enforcement saw the Pakistani Taliban provide support to American citizen Faisal Shahzad, who sought to carry out a car bombing in Times Square in May 2010. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) continued to demonstrate its growing ambitions and a strong desire to carry out attacks outside of its region. The group followed up its December 25, 2009 attempt to destroy an airliner bound for Detroit with an October 2010 effort to blow up several U.S.-bound airplanes by shipping bombs that were intended to detonate while in the planes’ cargo holds.

Information about potential AQ plots in Europe prompted several European countries to raise their terror alerts toward the end of the year. On December 11, a car bomb device was detonated minutes before Sweden’s first ever suicide bomber carried out an attack in a crowded pedestrian area in Stockholm, according to the State Department analysts.

Similarly, al-Shabaab in East Africa, some of whose senior leaders have declared adherence to the AQ brand of violent extremism, gained strength in 2010 and conducted its first major attack outside of Somalia in July when it claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed 76 people in Kampala, Uganda, during the World Cup. Al-Shabaab’s widening scope of operations, safe haven in Somalia, and ability to attract Western militants, made it a continuing threat to U.S. interests in the region.

In addition to operations, AQ affiliates have taken on a greater share of the propaganda work. AQAP created AQ’s first English-language magazine, Inspire. Although the magazine failed to arouse sustained interest from Western media, it proved a platform for dual U.S.-Yemeni citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who emerged as an operational and ideological leader in AQAP.

In a troubling trend, English-speaking militants increasingly connected to each other through online venues like militant discussion forums and video-sharing platforms, which encouraged both violent behavior and individual action. Many participants in online communities have real-world relationships with extremists who bolster their radicalism and mobilize them toward violent action.

For example, five Pakistani Americans contacted by a Taliban recruiter through YouTube encouraged one another to travel to Pakistan to train for warfare against the United States; they remained in Pakistani custody at year’s end. Several Somali Americans decided to go overseas to fight with al-Shabaab -- a decision that was likely shaped by a combination of online propaganda, face-to-face recruitment, and supportive real-world peer networks.

Not all of AQ’s formal affiliates and informal allies presented as grave a threat to U.S. interests in 2010. No group has made a bigger name for itself in the kidnapping for ransom business than al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which relies on ransom payments to sustain and develop itself in the harsh Saharan environment. AQIM carried out several attacks and continued kidnapping foreigners for ransom but is not an serious threat to governments in the region.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) continued to be politically marginalized as its constituency dwindled further in 2010. Though AQI remained capable of carrying out occasional sizable attacks, its violent tactics failed to ignite the sectarian violence the group sought. Instead, we saw two successful elections in Iraq and a decision by Sunni leaders in the country to participate in the political process.

The defeats suffered by AQ in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010 had no significant effect on other terrorist groups with deep roots in the Middle East, as both Hamas and Hezbollah continued to play destabilizing roles in the region. Hezbollah’s persistence as a well-armed terrorist group in Lebanon with an entrenched hold, if not veto, on the political process in Lebanon, as well as its robust relationships with Iran and Syria, and acquisition of increasingly sophisticated missiles and rockets threatened the interests of Lebanon and other U.S. partners in the region, especially Israel.

Hezbollah’s aggressive stance and threatening statements about the Special Tribunal on Lebanon, which is investigating the 2005 murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, increased the danger of Lebanon moving even closer toward sectarian violence. Hamas retained its grip on Gaza, where it continued to stockpile weapons -- supplied in large part by Iran -- that posed a serious threat to regional stability

By Jim Kouri for

Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Contact Jim. What others are saying about Jim Kouri: picked up an article Jim wrote about the FARC guerrillas being charged with conspiracy.

The Truth about the Koran

On this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, CBN News spoke with researcher and author Al Fadi.

Fadi was raised as a radical Wahabbi Muslim in Saudia Arabia, a nation that considers itself the epicenter of Islam.

Now he's a Christian who has made it his life's mission to tell Muslims the truth about Islam.

Along with a group of his fellow former Muslims and professional Islamic scholars, Fadi co-authored a book titled "The Qur'an Delemma." In the book, he sheds light on whether the Koran is an inspired holy text -- or a book of terror.

Watch previous episodes of Stakelbeck on Terror.

Have a comment or want to give feedback for the "From the Bunker" viewer mailbag segment? Email the show. Also, learn more about Erick Stakelbeck here and visit his blog.

“The Jews Are Paying You”

Paris Dipersico was dragged off of his bike and beaten for what he wrote in his book. This would be here in Canada.

Paris Dipersico is a young Canadian author. Raised in a Muslim home, he wrote a memoir entitled Wake Up Call to give an account of his experiences and take a hard look at Islam.

For his temerity he was abducted and assaulted by two Muslims, who were certain that he must be in the pay of “the Jews” to write such blasphemies.

Gates of Vienna

Swedish docs tell women pierce genitals, draw blood to avoid ‘honor’ attacks

Muslim women, via Swedish docs under fire for newlywed ‘hymen tip’ | EuropeNews.

The 25 August 2011
By Peter Vinthagen Simpson

Swedish doctors have come under fire for advice to women born into so-called honour cultures to pierce their genitals with a needle in order to draw blood on their wedding nights to satisfy tradition and the expectations of their families.”Society should never condone or accept or promote, give fuel to this kind of madness,” Eduardo Grutzky who works with social issues such integration, racism and culture at ALMAeuropa, told The Local on Wednesday.

Grutzky expressed support for doctors on an individual level and explained that in Sweden they are faced with dual challenges on a practical and a normative level.

Doctors should make decisions according to their conscience when they meet concrete cases, if they feel their patients are in great danger. This is something they do all the time,” he said.

But on a normative level, it is a catastrophe, it is a violation of any idea of dignity and human rights to go out and give information and tips to propagate something that societies accept.”

The controversial guidelines were first developed by Karolinska hospital’s SESAM unit for sexual health in 2004 and were penned by Lotti Hellström, a doctor employed at the South Stockholm General Hospital unit for raped victims.

The advice given is that girls should pierce their genitals with a needle hidden perhaps in the fold of her dress on her wedding night to simulate the so-called breaching of the hymen.

Eduardo Grutzky called for a major information campaign to address the issue of virginity and to “expose the myth of the hymen”.

What society has to do is to create a huge campaign of education and give information to everybody and the public – the hymen is a myth, it doesn’t exist, if they bleed it does not mean anything.”

Isn’t that lying? Elsewhere, Muslim women are getting hymen restoration surgeries to avoid being killed.